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Welcome to my web site!

I would like to invite you to read and familiarize yourself with energotherapy,  that I'm using for healing process.

The energotherapy is based on the following assumptions:

  • There is energy ("ki", "chi" or a "fluid", a "force" that you can give the name of "prana") which is present in everybody and every living creature;

  • The energy in the body or an organ can be in states of more or less balance, up to being in states of greater or lesser imbalance, and that the balance of energy matches the well-being, while corresponds to the imbalance of energy discomfort and even drives to illness;

  • The energy can be transferred from the healer's body to the patient's body through the laying on hands at the ill or problematic places and that this transfer can restore balance of the energy of the receiver.

So that I could briefly describe the core of energotherapy and healing method, which I'm practising.

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